Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Four Gentlemen on the Davenport

Working on my second gentleman. I am using the same palette, but changing the colors slightly. Everyone has a different skin color. I don't want to make them too uniform. So while the man on the left is redder and more flush, I've made the man on the right a tad  more ocher.

This is a painting from a vintage photo. 

I am a painter with over twenty years of experience.
If you want a portrait made from your new or vintage photograph my rates are as follows:
For a straightforward portrait-
9" x 12".....$100.00
11" x 14"....$200.00
16" x 20"....$300.00
18" x 24"....$400.00
22" x 28"....$500.00
24" x 36"....$600.00
Contact julie_schuler@comcast.net
It's easy as pie, scan your photo, new or vintage and send it electronically to me. I can have the portrait done in 2-3 weeks, usually. I also accept paypal. Makes a nice gift.

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