Monday, June 3, 2013

Four Gentlemen on the Davenport

I finally finished up my portrait from this very charming vintage photograph. And here is the finished painting, all signed and ready. You can read more about it here at My Good Babushka

Or if you want to commission a custom made portrait, contact me at
I have over twenty years of experience as a portrait painter and very reasonable rates.
9" x 12".....$100.00
11" x 14"....$200.00
16" x 20"....$300.00
18" x 24"....$400.00
22" x 28"....$500.00
24" x 36"....$600.00
For a portrait that requires much changing or adding of elements, like if you want a fantasy background or fairy wings or something else creative, I usually add $50 to the price.
Prices do not include shipping.

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