Monday, July 29, 2013

The Barghest

 The Barghest is a monster black dog with big claws and red eyes, it maybe a ghost dog, an omen of death, a devourer of the lost. My Barghest is a dog-ish beast with long silky black ears and tail being taken for a walk by a small chap in Victorian garb. Most likely he is also a ghost. boo!

 From Wikipedia:
"The derivation of the word barghest is disputed. Ghost in the north of England was once pronounced guest, and the name is thought to be burh-ghest: town-ghost. Others explain it as German Berg-geist (mountain spirit), or Bär-geist (bear-spirit), in allusion to its alleged appearance at times as a bear. Another mooted derivation is 'Bier-Geist', the 'spirit of the funeral bier'."

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