Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Something vague about rabbits....
I return to rabbits with some frequency. They are my artistic totem animal, a bit of a theme.
I had two monstrous Dutch rabbits when I was young, and though I thought they were lovely animals and very soft, I didn't think they were very good pets. They never look at you, of course, their eyes are on either side of their head which made them hard to relate to.
Because I lived in a very rural area, we could just let our rabbits go during the day, and I would have to catch them and put them back in the hutch at night. I would have to chase them because I was the smallest and quickest. I could chase them under the hedges. It was just like Alice in Wonderland, except with lots of bloody scratches and pokes in the eyes with sharp sticks. Here is a sampling of my rabbit-centric work.

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