Thursday, March 27, 2014

BNM Auto Sales, 922 N Croton Ave, New Castle, PA 16101

   As I have written about earlier, my husband and I bought a car from BNM Auto Sales, New Castle, Pa. in January with a new inspection sticker, only to find out soon after it had tremendous damage, a bent frame, and should never have passed inspection. The tire blew out, nearly killing my husband, within the first two weeks. When he went back to BNM to talk about his concerns, they put brake fluid in. Immediately after, the master cylinder went and he lost his brakes, almost getting killed again. They had put the wrong brake fluid in. We have had to put $1500 into this car within 3 months. The guy at BNM laughed at my husband on the phone, and won't take any responsibility for their expensive mistake, and endangering our lives. I have two young sons and they could have been in the car, either time or both times that the machine failed in spectacular fashion.

  I've been thinking about this all quite a lot.  I'm working through my feelings about our recent brush with death with what I'm calling my BNM cycle. I have become very interested in the shape and texture and variety of car crashes. I plan on studying these in small format paintings, and each one will give inspirational credit to BNM Auto Sales, New Castle, Pa. After a while, I hope, if you Google BNM Auto Sales, New Castle Pa, it will just be a big bloody pile of car crashes. I may make them available at my Etsy site in hopes of recouping our loss, or to recoup lawyers expenses if we go that route. We are seeking legal counseling tomorrow. 

 I hope I get a lot of re-blogs and tweets. I am not a super-rich person, I'm an artist, so this has been a very bad setback for me psychologically and financially. I already hate driving. When I get to a stoplight, I have a very strong urge to just get out of the car and run away! So this experience has really aggravated a long-standing phobia of mine. Until now I have stuck to just blogging about my work, but I felt that this was very important, and now this personal event...very scary for me... it has become tangled up in my painting, in my work. I don't know where it is going to end...  so I'm going to sign off and get back to work.

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