Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Gabriel Ratchet

The Gabriel Ratchet was the name for the cries of migrating wild geese flying by night. In medieval times, the sounds were thought to be a supernatural omen of impending evil, and perhaps the baying of unseen dogs.
The word comes from the French. Gabriel, one of the seven archangels, thought of as blowing a trumpet on Judgment Day, plus rache, hound.

This is an original illustration 8" x 10" in acrylic on acid free paper. My own interpretation where the sky is filled with supernatural angel/geese creatures, inspired by Giotto's Lamentation, and the configuration of crying angels in the cobalt sky. Here the Gabriel Ratchet flies over cowering twins with billowing red hair and blue twin dresses.

The "My Good Babushka" watermark is included here for security purposes and does not appear on the actual painting.

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Joffre Swait said...

I really like this piece, thanks for sharing. Came up on an image search for "folk art judgement day".