Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eating Bread and Honey

Here is my beginning. I just "chunked" in some paint, so I can see if I like the composition. I realized that my little prince at the table was dead center at first, and the composition was so boring I started to yawn. I stretched the table out and moved the little prince back and it was much better. Absently, I started to use too much alizarin crimson. I love red, but that's not what I want for this picture. I intend to keep it creamy, and icy, and wet-looking.

I think one of the challenges will be circulating the eye around the painting because I've decided to put the face of the queen so near the edge. I expect her face is going to be very pale and engaging, and I don't want the eye to slip away at that point. I think the very shiny, quick and sparkling knife she will be holding in her hand will direct the eye traffic back to the center of the canvas. The gridded cabinets and the measured tile floor will add a nice pace, I hope. It's all so rudimentary at this point. I didn't add any close-ups.


Niall said...

It's amazing to see what apparent chaos you start from knowing what will be eventually revealed..!

Julie Schuler said...

Yeah, more chaos!