Monday, May 31, 2010

The Continuing Saga of Reupholstery

Removing removing removing. I'm starting to feel sad. Like I'm disemboweling the poor thing.

I went to a Cancer research fundraiser garage sale at our Lawrence County Fairgrounds and got this great little mid-century table with magazine holder underneath. There seemed to be something oily and sticky on one of the wheels. It seemed like a bit of black garbage bag that someone had tried to get loose with oil all stuck around one wheel. I was able to pry it out and get it clean with some ammonia + dish soap + water mix that I always keep in a spritzer. It is great for getting spots out of the carpet, or if I have an extra greasy pan I'll give it a spritz. I had intended to re-sell this because mid-century style is hot, but I just love it too much. And it is perfect for my crafty bits. The formica top means I don't need a coaster, I can put my coffee cup right on there!


RNSANE said...

What a nice find, Julie! It's great to keep something like that for yourself. Very handy.

Jenny said...

Love the table. How was the show?????!!!!!!!!

My name is PJ. said...

You are so brave with that upholstery project!

Love the little table!