Friday, May 28, 2010

Reupholstering is Sometimes Ouchy

I've taken a few pieces of the old fabric off. I didn't find stacks of money or stock certificates concealed inside the chair, but I did find a bingo marker and a length of yarn the perfect size for a hook rug. My grandmother liked to go to the bingo and my grandfather liked to do hook rugs. So it was kind of nice, I sort of felt like these little tokens meant that they were with me, and, you know, watching over me so I wouldn't get tetanus.

I was really curious about how the buttons were attached to the front. I took one off. It seemed painless enough. The prongs just poke through the front, then the stuffing. Then you slip on the cardstock and spread the prongs apart. I can probably manage that.

I have been using a small screwdriver, pliers, and a dental implement to remove the various tacks and staples. There are A LOT of staples. The middle of my right palm is starting to get very sore from digging with the screwdriver. Hence, the potholder. I fold it up and use it to pad my palm. No pain, no gain.. of nice furniture.

My Good Babushka, Dave and I, and even our helpers Matthew and Justin, will be appearing at New Castle's First Riverwalk Arts Festival. Come down and say "hi" if you are in the western Pennsylvania area.
New Castle Riverwalk Arts Festival info here!


5thsister said...

You are so very brave!

My name is PJ. said...

I am fascinated at the confidence with which you're undertaking this HUGE project! I couldn't do it!

Debbie said...

I never tackled a project like that, don't think I could be so patient.

Jenny said...

The button is like a giant brad. How cool is that. I figured they were sewed on.

I'm glad your Grandparents visited you!

And I really wish I could visit you at the art show. Nothing prettier then Ohio and Pennsylvania in May.

Unless it's a stack of money found in an old chair you are bravely upholstering!

Have fun!

Take some pictures of your booth.

I really want to see it!

Pretty please!

Have a great weekend, Miss Julie!

daisydolls said...

Wow, that is too cool about the buttons with the prongs. Have a good weekend!

Lourie said...

You are indeed brave. I won't say I would never try, but I am pretty confident I won't. ahaha.

Kass said...

Yes, you are brave. I hope you don't get carpel tunnel from gripping all those tools. I get symptoms of it regularly, but it goes away when I rest my hands.