Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Checks Furniture- Reupholstering

I got super excited about this! When I took off the seat and some of the front upholstery, I could see that the springs were Flex-O-lator springs made in New Castle, Pa! Right where I live now! They are not there anymore, of course, but I just thought it was weird. My grandmother bought this in 1955-57 in Monessen at a high end furniture store called Checks. It's not there anymore, either. They spent 50 years in Belle Vernon. Then she gave them to me. I brought those springs back home to New Castle! I know it's not a very big circuit, but we are not a people much disposed to traveling. I just thought it was neat. Next time I'll tell you some stuff I found out about Monessen.

Sorry about the lack of updates on my art projects, but I'm not doing any of them! I am entirely single-mindedly devoted to this project. I would like to not eat or sleep and just keep doing it until it is done. But I won't, because I'm no longer inflexible like that. Like the time I sent my husband out for Christmas lights after Thanksgiving dinner.... that's not me any more. I make dinner and bathe my kids and play with them outside, and I'm not entirely obsessed with one thing... much.


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Have you reupolstered before? I'm looking forward to seeing it completed. It looks like you're well organized and know what you're doing the way you're taking it apart.

Viki said...

Wow, how cool is that they came from where you live. Goes to show they must have been well done that they lasted all these years.

daisydolls said...

Wow Julie, that makes this project even more amazing. It has more and more meaning each day you work on it. It's going to be gorgeous I just know it is!!