Monday, August 2, 2010

Bentleyville- Arnold City

I have this really great picture. It looks like it was taken in the forties. My grandfather, Walter, is in the picture. The back says "Bentleyville- Arnold City" so I'm not sure where this was taken or who the other men in the photograph are. I just know that I really, really love this picture. In fact, I like a great many vintage group photos. I like to inspect all the faces.

Then I had a great feeling come over me- that I should paint this group portrait. I have done quite a number of miniature portraits, and maybe this was the project I was preparing for. So I painted over the Dark Rivers beginning and started over with this. I am resolved to take everything I know and make a new kind of painting. I hope you'll come back and see it.


Rebecca Anthony said...

You know I will be back to see it, I just know it's will be incredible!!

Kass said...

What a great idea. Everything about this photo is rich. Even the fan and the poster in the background.

Sue said...

I will definitely be back to see it. I, too, love old photos. And new paintings!