Monday, October 11, 2010

Horror Realm Convention 2010

I was a vendor at this years Horror Realm Convention at the Crown Plaza Hotel in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. Here are some of the snaps I'd like to finally share.

Some of the stylish undead.

Thread is a tiny stuffed cat made out of a sweater. He is a German exchange student cat and says things like "Hallo. I like it the cupcakes." He makes me laugh. He is the altar ego/avatar of doll artist, Annie Vicar.

Annie's Barbara Steele doll.

Ashley C.Williams of The Human Centipede..... fame...... Look it up. We couldn't afford to take her picture, but we just wanted everyone to know that she was there.

Annie's Dia de los Muertos doll. I really loved her.

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Sue said...

Great way to get in the mood for Halloween!