Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Horror Realm Convention 2010

This was the artist that was directly behind us. He set up his wall WAAAAYYY back from his table, up against our table. grrrr. We were all squeezed in. Next year I'm going early and set up first, then I'm going to set loose a jar of deadly scorpions under his table...... or maybe I'll just set up first.

Here is a cute little ghoul that kept making us buy her candy bars.

That's Annie in the background, behind her awesome witch doll. I love the bloody severed pig head. It's delightful.

The Xanadudes is a secret club for men who like Xanadu... I guess I let the secret out.

Another art vendor. I didn't actually meet him, but I like his hat.


5thsister said...

Julie...just wanted to let you know that I read every post of yours and find you so unique and delightful...and I am sorry for being absent (in the comment dept.) of late but real life has gotten in the way of my commenting!

Kat said...

She "made" you buy her candy bars, huh? Likely story. Guess the little ghoul had magical powers. We already know that candy has magical powers LOL. Hope the show went well for you, looks like fun. Kat

Sue said...

It's like a Halloween fest. Cool place!


My name is PJ. said...

That's a happening place!

GardenofDaisies said...

That was very rude of him!! Yes, I say go with the scorpions!! ;-)