Monday, July 23, 2012


Some unrelated items to clean up the camera. I'm making an orange blanket for my youngest son. I've tried to talk him into having a different favorite color, but there you have it. He must have orange. When I visited my mother last month, she gave me a big bag of yarn. It will be a challenge to make something out of it. Just the kind of challenge I like. I have made a few shawl collar cardigans in adult sizes, so I think it will be a snap to make this pint size shawl collar cardigan with some leftover bramble heather yarn. I've renamed it "root beer heather" because I think it has more youth appeal. Last, a picture of my freshly painted living room. I love color, but I've been very timid about putting it on my walls. I have an assortment of paintings I'm going to hang soon, but here is how the living room looks, pre-art hanging. I love it. It's so golden and warm. I'm glad I took the plunge. That carpet, though. Yuck. It's gotta go.

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