Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fever Sick

Fever Sick is a painting inspired by my readings of pre-enlightenment faiths and folklore. It was commonly believed that an amulet of three spiders worn about the neck would cure the ague. Although the text didn't specify, I imagine that those spiders would have been dead and perhaps tied in a little sack. I took some artistic license and imagined how it would be to wear three live spiders. I lengthened the neck to Alice in Wonderland proportions so we can get a good feel for the little creatures and how they must feel crawling over our neck. The painting is filled with lots of undertones of sickly greens and yellows. All these elements combined give the picture a very feverish, swooning, and hallucinatory sort of feeling. 8" x 10" acrylic painting on acid free paper by Julie Kwiatkowski-Schuler.

 You can get a closer look at this painting Here at My Good Babushka.

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