Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wraith Road

I've gone off on a tangent from my previous work depicting a witch bottle, where the tangled string in the bottle represented a labyrinth that ensnared the malignant spirit. There is a corollary philosophy that spirits must be ferried in straight lines, the road that the dead body must take to the graveyard must be in a straight line, or the spirit might become lost. These expressways to the boneyard were called Wraith Roads. I began to pictures little lost souls in a row. Here is my sketch of little lost souls helping each other along the Wraith Road. Finished work at the link.
If you like art inspired by odd little macabre bits of folklore, I hope you will visit my body of work at My Good Babushka. Art, Chainmaille Jewelry, Needlework. 

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