Thursday, September 23, 2010

Classic Mens Raglan Cardigan in Light Brown

I am posting an advertisement for myself today because I love this sweater I knitted.
This is my own pattern based on a classic men's raglan cardigan, handmade of 100% Peruvian Highland worsted weight wool in a soft brown color called Caribou. Fits a 40" chest. Six tortoiseshell styled buttons close the front placket. This sweater also has two generous pockets 8" x 6" in the front. Very solidly constructed, classic, and warm. Hand wash wool garments in mild soap and dry flat.
Might make a good holiday gift for a fellow.


My name is PJ. said...

Nice work, Julie!!

Viki said...

Great work on this cardigan. I wish I had the patience and know-how to do this lol.

Kass said...

Nice shape (both the man and the sweater).

Sue said...

Love that warm, brown color.