Monday, September 30, 2013

St. Anastasia, Patroness of Weavers, Protectress against Poisons

I've finished my herbs on the shelf for my Anglo-Saxon nine herbs charm, an ancient medicine against venom, with the final additions of chervil and fennel. In the right corner of the second shelf is a golden weaver's nest. the hem of her dress is unraveling and the tangled bit of thread is enclosed in a witch bottle. A witch bottle is a labyrinth in miniature and it is said that evil will get lost amongst the convoluted paths of the thread. Witch bottles were hung outside of houses to ward off bad spirits. Next to the witch bottle is a drop spindle, another sign of the weaver. And at the base of the potted  foxglove on the left is a frog, which were thought to be venomous and to inhabit areas of unhealthful miasmas, like swamps.

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